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Equilor Asset Management Plc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of EQA Eszközkezel┼Ĺ Zrt.

Key data of Equilor Asset Management Plc.:

NameEquilor Asset Management Private Limited Liability Company
Short NameEquilor Asset Management Plc.
Registered Capital112,000,000 HUF
Net Assets1,101,254,000 HUF
Headquarters122-124 Pasaréti út, Budapest, H-1026
Foundation Date31 January, 2012
Tax Registration Number23838442-2-41
Statistic Number23838442-6630-114-01
Company Registration Number01-10-047344
Bank Account NumberRaiffeisen Bank Plc. 12001008 - 01336880 - 00100004


Equilor Asset Management, based on resolutions no. H-EN-III-1052/2012.; H-EN-III-
108/2014.; H-EN-III-479/2017. and H-EN-III-301/2020. of Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary), is entitled to provide the collective portfolio management activities listed below, including the management of real estate investment funds, securities funds, venture capital funds and private equity funds:

  • investment management (effecting and implementing investments, strategic and asset allocation decisions related to execution of investment policies);
  • risk management;
  • administrative tasks;
  • activities related to ABA assets;

Equilor Asset Management is entitled, based on resolutions no. H-EN-III-1052/2012.; H- EN-III-108/2014. and H-EN-III-479/2017. of the Central Bank of Hungary, to provide the following investment & supplementary services:

  • portfolio management;
  • investment consultancy;

Financial Information:

Figures in Thousand HUF202020212022
Balance sheet total1 074 3361 517 3101 370 020
Net Assets942 1531 302 0471 101 254
Registered Capital112 000112 000112 000
Revenue from Operations881 6001 258 787941 300
Profit Before Taxes883 6941 262 784980 961
Profit After Taxes803 8071 149 203892 550
Greetings from the Management

Greetings from the Management

István Dobó
Director of the Wealth Office

Meet our team

Meet our team

Our mission is to provide a unique opportunity in the field of wealth management.

Our company group

Our company group

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